Please choose the desired products from the product list or use the search function. If you do not find the desired product pleaseálet us a messageáináthe section "contact us"áto describe your requirements. The quantity can be defined in the product list or later on in the shopping cart.

Put the item in the shopping cart. Then switch to the shopping cart.

There you can change the quantity, indicate the desired delivery date, or you can delete items.If you place a product multiple times in the shopping cart, multiple items will be created.Thus gives you the chance to define different delivery times.

Press the button "Proceed with order" to proceed with the order process. Now you are prompted for some additional information. Finally you can send your order.

Youápromptly receive an email as confirmation of the receipt of the order in which all details are again listed.

Please note that only the specifics in our order acknowledgement are legally binding.

This we send you by email oráby fax .