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In order to use the full scope of features of the Online Store, you need to register. The registration is always to initialize personally. For this please use the Online Registration.You will receive your personal account within the following days by email.

In case of any questions regarding the Online Store or the registration, please do not hesitate to contact our Support Center which will also give a free tour by phone through the main features of the Online Store.

The main advantages of a registered access are the access to prices*, to extended product information such as data sheets and the access to the quotation / order status.

*We reserve the right to restrict individually the access to price information even for registered customers.


Description of Online Registration

You can easily apply for an access to the Online Store.

Click on “Register”  and complete the registration form.

Mandatory fields are marked with *.

Finally click on the button “Send registration”.

The registration is always to initialize personally. But there is the

possibility to apply various users of your company for the Online


After we have processed your data you will receive an email that contains your personal account.

In the Public Area we provide information and hints about the Online Store itself.

The content of the Private Area is customized for each registered customer. Usually you findthere hyperlinks to our frame contract, price lists or other documents.





The Online Store is hierarchically divided into product groups like :"rings","bracelets","earrings" etc; by the gender :"men", "women"; or by collection.We also have the section adress to the children. With the folder symbols on the top side of the screen you can navigate through the product tree. 




With the search function you can easily look for product groups (folder names), product

numbers or product names. The search is supported for searching parts of (multiple) words

and numbers (fuzzy search). The default setting searches for all criteria such as product group,

product name and product number. You can change this setting to narrow down your search

result. The search result is displayed in the right window. Hits within the folder names are

shown on top. Results in product number or name are listed in table form below.

By click on the folder symbol (rightmost column in the hit table) you can get information in

which folder this product was found.



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